Who We Are

We are a Global Technology, Engineering and Innovation company. We offer solutions in high added value Installations and System, operate in 7 countries and employ more than 200 professionals.

We integrate systems. Through the combination of energy, communication, electronics and information technology, we create solutions that apply to infrastructures, industry and unique building, providing a response to the needs of our clients to improve their economic, social or environmental development, guaranteeing their long term sustainability.

More than 20 years of experience and the knowledge our professionals have allowed us to develop innovative, effective solutions for our clients in the aeronautical industry, in major sports infrastructures, in the health sector, in the field of energy and audio-visual systems.

We are convinced of the importance of long term investment and facilitating the excellence of our clients. Proof of this lies in, for example, our having implemented more than 100 Technological Systems in major Football Stadiums worldwide (Europe, Africa, South America) and we work with large clients in the aeronautical sector such as Airbus (EADS) developing Installations and Services in Spain, Germany and France,
within the differential category of Preferential Supplier.

Four values that make us different:

1. GLOBAL SERVICE. Our client service is present throughout the whole project cycle: From initial engineering, through development, implementation, maintenance, management and operation.

2. ADAPTATION, TERM AND COMPETITIVENESS. Adaptation to the client’s requirements, although these may be amended during the process, meeting deadlines, and being highly competitive, make us reliable partners.

3. FINANCIAL CAPACITY AND ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT. If we believe that a project will provide us economic, knowledge or social value, we commit ourselves to develop it, because innovation and new challenges are our passion. The entrepreneurial spirit is embedded in our DNA.

4. TOTAL COST LIFE. We apply this concept imported from the aeronautical world, Full Life Cycle Expenditure, to all the projects. That is, the initial investment expenditure is a commitment to durability, maintenance and satisfactory service.

Outstanding implementations:

  • Security and audio-visual systems for the America Cup 2007 in Venezuela.
  • Security and audio-visual systems for the African Nations Cup 2012 in Guinea and Gabon.
  • Development and implementation of all the installations at the Illescas Factory for the new 350 XWB.
  • The ventilation systems for the tunnel system of the M-30 ring road in Madrid.
  • Execution of the air conditioning systems for the Beluga Hangars in Hamburg and Bremen.
  • The audio-visual systems for the largest Cultural Centre in the world which is in Buenos Aires.
  • The electric systems for the sluice gates of the new Panama Canal.

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