International Presence

International Presence

As a result of its growth and expansion, AUDITEL has founded a number of companies, enabling it to operate successfully in new markets. A large part of this growth has occurred internationally, including major projects in South America and Africa.

International Presence


This company has its head office in the capital, Malabo, as well as a projects office in Bata.

It includes commercial, engineering and production departments. The company has focused on the AUDIOVISUAL, TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND SECURITY sectors and has designed major projects in telecommunications and municipal security. One of the key undertakings was the integral turnkey project for the design, supply and installation of the security and audiovisual systems for the stadiums where the 2012 Africa Cup will be held, including their IBCs (International Broadcasting Centres). Among the most important references, one may mention: the full turnkey project for design, supply and installation of the security and audiovisual systems for the stadiums where the Africa Cup 2012 was held and the respective IBCs (International Broadcasting Center) and the Africa Cup 2015, where AUDITEL executed diverse activities contributing its know-how in Stadium Illumination, Access Control, Audiovisual Systems, Safety and Video Scoring Boards, in addition to performing the event management and operation of all the meets.


This company is established in strategic Panama City, from where it serves all Central America.

Its size enables it to execute very large, technically complex projects, combining the solutions provided by the two divisions of AUDITEL.
As the most important reference, may mention the electrical and energy systems for the Panama Canal, Atlantic side. AUDITEL is installing the Motor Control Centres, Transformers, Frequency Variators, Electric Boards, medium voltage cabling, low voltage cabling, control cabling and perimeter illumination of the complex, among others.


Established in the French city of Toulouse, it concentrates on the industrial sector, electrical and mechanical installations.

At INDUSTRIAL SECTOR, ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL INSTALLATIONS it has commercial, engineering and production departments to develop projects to measure. As the most important reference one may quote, the air conditioning and auxiliary installations within the integral refurbishment of Building M86, Systems and Avionics Department, that the aircraft manufacturer has in Toulouse, the headquarters of the European aviation company.

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