Installations and Maintenance Division (IM)

AUDITEL’s specialist engineering departments allow it to take on large projects with a high level of technology and integration.

To support all operations, AUDITEL has a Commercial Area, a Technical Area and a Production Area. In addition, our General Services Management combines the following departments: Financial, Administration, Legal, Quality and Environment, Purchasing, Staff and Occupational

Risks, and IT and Management Systems. Branches and companies in several locations allow greater proximity to clients.

Industrial Construction

Supply, engineering, installations and construction. Our experience is based on integral construction turnkey services aimed at the operation of industrial processes.

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Integral Specialised Maintenance

AUDITEL’s customer commitment goes beyond the execution of the installation project. As a result, we’re in regular contact with users, participating alongside them in the integral management of buildings or large installations.

We provide: Integral Maintenance, Specialised Maintenance, Compulsory Maintenance, Technical and Legal Maintenance, Infrastructure Maintenance and Management, and Dispersed Asset Management.

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Electrical installations

High, medium and low voltage, electrical substations, transformation centres, ground lighting, motor control centre, electrical energy distribution, street lighting, lighting systems.

Mechanical Installations

Construction, management and operation of energy production plants, air conditioning and air treatment (HVAC), ventilation, fluid installation (water, gas), ERM.

Fire Protection Installations

Sprinkler networks, networks of fire hose cabinets, electric and diesel pump units, hydrant networks, dry riser networks and detection systems.

Turnkey Installations

Integral, turnkey services. We undertake Project Management and develop Assembly Plans integrating all the installations. We also plan the supply of all equipment and make the initial definition of openings and technical rooms.

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