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Thanks to our Experience of More than 25 years in the Sector, we provide references of projects with a high added value and representative clients at international level in Audiovisual Solutions, Technological Security, Telecommunications and Systems of Automation and Control.


Large-format LED screens for Callao Cinema
Gran Vía Madrid - Spain

Supply, installation and maintenance of 2 large-format LED screens, including the content management system.

Bicentenario Cultural Center
Buenos Aires - Argentina

Audiovisual Systems of the Bicentenario Cultural Center which has more than 100,000 square meters ranked among the world's largest cultural centers.

Madrid City Hall
Madrid - Spain

Supply and installation of the audiovisual and telecommunications systems of the Plenary Hall, the Auditorium, the Hall of the Villa and the Central Communications room of the Madrid City Council.

Congress of Deputies
Madrid - Spain

Maintenance, repair, administration and technical management of the electricity, audiovisuals and security systems for all the buildings of the “Palacio de las Cortes”, as well as renovation and maintenance of its data transmission network.

New Headquarters of Coca Cola
Madrid - Spain

Implementation of a complete Audiovisual Solution in all the rooms of the building: Auditorium, Press rooms, Meeting and Training Rooms, Offices, Cafeteria and Gymnasium.
Audio and Video Infrastructures
Room-based Display Systems
Microphony, P.A. and Spectacular
Stage Lighting
Domotic Control
Digital Signage in Reception

New Alicante Airport Terminal - Spain

Design and Implementation of the Sound Systems at Alicante Airport

Tocumen Airport
Panama City - Panama

PA System Installation at the new terminal of Tocumen International Airport.

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Installation of Security Systems for Airbus Buildings and Factories in Illescas, Getafe, San Pablo and Puerto Real.

Access Control Systems
Fire detection
PA Systems and Evacuation P.A

Congress of Deputies
Madrid - Spain

New Security Installations: Video Surveillance Systems, Anti-intrusion Security, Access Control to offices and Technical Rooms, automatic detection and fire alarm and CCS.
The buildings object of the project:
Enlargement I, II, III and IV
Institutional housing

Mostoles Hospital
Madrid - Spain

Security installations in the new Móstoles Hospital highlighting sick and nurse system and security, with implementation of the procedures of CCTV, PA, Voice and Data and Audiovisual.

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (RMCF)
Madrid - Spain

Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of 2 the 2 video scoreboards, 4 LED banners, and the CCTV systems and evacuation PA system for the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and the Sports City in Valdebebas.

Security in Renfe
Valladolid - Spain

Supply and installation of a perimeter protection system for the new RENFE railway complex in Valladolid.

City Council of Galapagar
Galapagar - Spain

Supply, Installation and Maintenance of the urban Video Surveillance System in Galapagar. Implementation of a Wimax Network for transport of signals and IP Telephony System, and equipment of geo-positioning of police patrols. Systems Integration in Local Police Control Room including the Police Management Software.

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Toledo - Spain

Telecommunications Installations for the B3 and B4 buildings in the PHASE I of the logistic platform for FM LOGISTIC in Illescas (Toledo).

Congress of Deputies
Madrid - Spain

Renewal of the Network Infrastructure and Electronics Data Network of the Madrid’s Congress of Deputies .

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Congress of Deputies
Madrid - Spain

Design and Implementation of the "Platform Integration of Systems" Wonderware that integrates all the existing Security Systems allowing its future scalability at a Hardware as a Software level of any new subsystem.
Architecture based on:
Wonderware System Platform
Wonderware InTouch
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft.NET Framework

HVAC Automation and Control System for Tierra Mojada C.C.G.T.
Zapotnalejo - Mexico

Auditel has designed and is implementing the system of automation and control of the HVAC Systems of the Management Buildings in the combined cycle plant of Zapotnalejo (Guadalajara district of Jalisco, Mexico).

Airbus. Replacement of the Humidity Control System in the AIRBUS A01N08 building.
Illescas - Toledo

Clean Room, Air Conditioning and Control System that improves and guarantees its environmental conditions maintaining a constant temperature and humidity. Reduction of Electric Power consumption, system installation for zoning and supply of humidity on demand.

AIRBUS Illescas Factory A350
Illescas - Toledo

Auditel designed and implemented the Control System for the monitoring and energy efficiency of the A350 Airbus factory in Illescas-Toledo The implanted system manages the electricity, water and energy meters.

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