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AUDITEL is a leader in Integral Security Systems for sports facilities, with more than 100 projects around the world.


Supply of installations and set-up of concentrators for the CCTV system and the CCTV IP and public address systems maintenance service at Santiago Bernabéu stadium and Real Madrid’s Sports City, as well as the extension of the Integral Control Unit installations at Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

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In 2010, the professional event sound system at La Rosaleda Stadium and the Press Room audiovisual system were installed.

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Four LED electronic scoreboards.

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SPORTS PALACE / Santander and Almería / Spain

Audiovisual and security systems.

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2012 AFRICA CUP / Equatorial Guinea and Gabon

For the 2012 Africa Cup, held at the beginning of the year in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, AUDITEL was chosen to provide the security features required by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) at the stadiums in Equatorial Guinea and the accreditation systems for both countries. The AUDITEL project also included the ticketing system for the matches in Equatorial Guinea and integration of ticket sales into the stadium access control installation. In addition, AUDITEL was responsible for installing the IBCs (International Broadcasting Centres).

In terms of security systems, the Bata and Malabo stadiums were equipped with the latest technological systems on the market. The government-required access control systems were installed, including both event and evacuation public address, large electronic scoreboards, infrastructure for TVs, closed circuit television (CCTV) in the stadiums and adjoining areas, uninterrupted power supply systems for electricity and the rooms that control all these subsystems, including the necessary audiovisual accessories.

The IBCs, which provided facilities for the media during the Cup, were installed in buildings next to the stadiums. The IBC in Bata had 282 work stations and the one in Malabo had 68. Both IBCs had interview rooms and all the communications resources necessary for successfully dispatching news items about the matches.

The accreditation system provided service for both countries to cope with the complexity involved in real time accrediting without duplicates at very different locations. Accreditation centres were installed in the cities of Malabo and Bata, in Equatorial Guinea, and in Libreville and Franceville, in Gabon, to meet the requests of the CAF and accredited Press correspondents. Despite the differences in the Internet infrastructures, the real time system was highly rated, all the needs were met and the unavoidable incidences that occur with events of this kind were remedied. Service was provided to all the media, CAF staff, VIP areas, authorities and volunteers.

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Execution of the supply project and installation of video scoring in the new Stadium, as well as their maintenance, for a period of ten years. 

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The joint venture formed by AUDITEL and Finatech implemented and executed the new installations and systems to refurbish the stadium.

A profound renewal and modernisation has been carried out, providing it with novel systems and spearhead technology applied in this field.

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2015 AFRICA CUP / Equatorial Guinea

AUDITEL has carried out diverse activities providing its know how in Stadium Illumination, Access Control, Audiovisual Systems, Safety and Video Scoring Boards, in addition to performing management of the events and operations for all the meets. 

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2007 COPA AMERICA / Venezuela

The South American football championship was held in spring 2007 at nine stadiums throughout Venezuela. AUDITEL designed a project to equip stadiums with the most advanced levels of security from a centralised point, to enable each stadium to have a standardised level of security and to provide centralised control for the Venezuelan authorities. This allowed the Venezuelan security forces to minimise the number of incidents, ensure spectator comfort and transmit a top level image to international football audiences.

Subsystems were installed for access control, security, lighting, audiovisual elements and control rooms at each of the nine stadiums, adapted to the size of the stadium and its geographical location. All equipment had the latest technology available at the time. AUDITEL was also responsible for the accreditation and ticketing systems.

The Venezuelan government congratulated AUDITEL on the quality of its work and the efficiency of the installation process. Installation was completed in a record four months, in a complex territory with limited communications while the civil works were still under way. The South American Football Confederation congratulated the Venezuelan government on this championship, saying it had been the best Copa America ever held

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