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In AUDITEL we believe that a well maintained investment is an investment of the future, therefore we offer an MPP Advanced Maintenance Management, based on a preventive, predictive and corrective plan customized to each client, that guarantee the correct operation of the systems throughout their useful life.

AUDITEL has very significant references at International Level and long-term collaboration with our Clients in all market’ sectors.

Móstoles Hospital
Móstoles - España

Implementation of New Installations:
Electricity Medium Voltage
Low voltage Electrical Installations
Air Conditioning System
Fire Detection and Extinguishing System - Compressed Air Installation
Network Installations
Systems, Telecom and Security Installations
Control Center Installation

Gran Canaria Airport
Gran Canaria - Spain

Maintenance of HVAC and Air Conditioning Installations, including Engine Rooms; Air Ducts, both drive and return; Water pipes; Autonomous Groups; Fancoils; Extraction and Ventilation Installations; as well as all the Electrical Installations of regulation and control and associated fire floodgates.

Lanzarote Airport
Lanzarote - España

AUDITEL has been awarded several times for Maintenance Services at Lanzarote Airport:
Climate Control, Fire Installations, Internal Communications systems , Air Conditioning , Special Installations (Mooring Guides, 400Hz supply, Automatic Doors, Crane Bridge, Air Conditioning for Aircraft ), CMAN Services: Maintenance Checkpoint (GMAO)

AIRBUS – Nave A 350

Integral Maintenance and GIM Management of the Installations:
Electrical Installation of medium voltage and high voltage and Transformation Centers, Low Voltage Electrical Installation, Air Conditioning Facilities, Facilities Control Systems
- Plumbing Installation
- Gas Installation
- Compressed Air Installation
- Electromechanical Installations

Airbus. 50 MVA 132/15 kV Substation

Maintain the facilities in perfect condition of use, operation and proper appearance
Perform the Scheduled Preventive Maintenance of the Installations Managed by GIM
Perform the Correct Maintenance of the facilities
Ensure Compliance with the Current Regulations of the Installations

De La Palma Hospital
La Palma - Spain

Comprehensive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Scheduled Preventative Maintenance, - Technical Advice, Control of Energy Consumption, with alert notification system and reports on the situation concerning its use and conservation
Computerized Management of the Service, including inventories; notices; historical reports; economic control and distribution costs.

Dr. Negrín Universitary Hospital
Gran Canaria - Spain

The Hospital has 621 beds and 20 operating theatres. Integral Management of the Maintenance of the facilities:
Electrical Installations, Mechanical Installations, Air Conditioning, Pneumatic Transport, Clean Rooms, PA System, Voice and Data, Fire Systems, Centralized Technical Management System for the Installations, Gardens and Vials

Del Tajo Hospital
Aranjuez - Spain

The Hospital has 98 beds and 4 operating theatres. AUDITEL carries out the Integral Management of the Maintenance of the facilities:
Electrical Installations, Mechanical Installations, Air Conditioning Systems, Pneumatic transport, Clean Rooms, PA System, Voice and Data, Fire Systems, Gardens and Vials

Parliamentary Buildings of the Cortes General: Congress of Deputies
Madrid - Spain

Installation of Electricity in medium and low voltage, generators, lightning rods and Transformation Centers
Electronic Voting System, PA Network, Simultaneous Translation System, Audiovisual Installation and Data, Television Signals, Fire Installation, Security, ARC Detectors and Scanners, CCTV

San Lorenzo de El Escorial Auditorium Theatre
San Lorenzo del Escorial Spain

Integral Maintenance of Installations (GMAO): Installation of Electricity in Medium and low Voltage, Fire Installation, Security System and Intrusion, CCTV, Air Conditioning and Heating, Plumbing, Sanitation and ACS, Scenic Media and Complex Mechanics, Audiovisual Installation

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Ciudad Real Madrid, Real Madrid-ADIDAS Shops
Madrid - Spain

Implementation of Integrated Control System for ERP-BMS Installations, Maintenance and Integral Management of Technical Installations and Services, Maintenance of PA Installations, CCTV Facilities Maintenance

Rey Juan Carlos University Complex
Móstoles - Spain

Implementation, Management and Operation of the Integrated Centralized
Control System for GMAO and BMS Installations:

Campus Móstoles, Fuenlabrada, Alcorcón and Vicálvaro, Rey Juan Carlos Foundation Building, Maintenance of Technical Installations, Electrical Installations, Air Conditions Systems, Plumbing and ACS, Sanitation and Irrigation Pumping

Madrid City Council: Plenary Hall, Auditorium, Central Communications Room
Madrid - Spain

Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of the Audiovisual and Communications Systems and Installations of the Madrid City Council Headquarters:
Video and Sound, Simultaneous Translation, Control Systems, Signals Distribution

Clean Rooms AIRBUS A350
Stade - Germany

Project, Construction and Maintenance of the A350 Cabins for AIRBUS.
The two cabins with dimensions of 43x12x12m each, are equipped with Electrical System, Centralized Management, Air Conditioning, Airflow, Vacuum Network and Dust Extraction.

AUDITEL-ECSA, in Argentina

Maintenance of the following Installations in Sports Stadiums:
Access Control Systems, Ticketing, CCTV and Audio Security System, Comprehensive Management Software for Sports Entities, Stadiums, Large Areas, Lighting, Large Screens for Stadiums, Energy Engineering (photovoltaic and thermal)

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