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AUDITEL stands out in this activity due to its high degree of specialisation.

AUDITEL has clients in the industry and infrastructure sector, where it focuses primarily on energy and mechanical installations, industrial construction and maintenance.



Electrical, telecommunications and security installations for the new Rey Juan Carlos Hospital, in Mostoles, which will serve a population of around 180,000. The new health facility has a floor area of 65,000 m² and includes 260 individual rooms, 10 operating theatres, 47 consultation rooms, 78 emergency department cubicles, 21 radiology rooms and 18 intensive care cubicles. Healthcare at the forefront of technology, with the best installations.

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Assembly of all the electrical systems that shall form part of the third set of locks on the Panama Canal on the Atlantic side.

Installation of the motor control centres, transformers, frequency variators, electric boards, medium voltage cabling, low voltage cabling, control cabling and perimeter illumination of the complex, among others.

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AIRBUS / Toulouse / France

Execution of the air conditioning and auxiliary installation within the integral reform of Building M86, Systems Department and Avionics.

The scope of the project includes demolition of the present installations and subsequent assembly of the new installations: air conditioning system (fancoils, air conditioning, air conditioning cabinets, exchange units and pumping sets), control and regulation system, associated electricity, compressed air, nitrogen and detection.

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AIRBUS / Stade / Alemania

Construction of the new gas driven 140 kw cogeneration plant, as well as extension of the State factory in Germany, that shall be equipped with all the air conditioning, heating, plumbing, aspiration and compressed air installations required for its proper operation.

Execution of the project in turnkey mode, of a production cabin for the new A350 XWB.

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CASA-EADS / Hamburg - Bremen / Germany

Execution of mechanical installations for the new Beluga hangars in Hamburg and Bremen. The scope of the installations includes those of air conditioning, ventilation, heating and sanitary installations.

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CASA-EADS / San Pablo / Seville / Spain

Electrical, air conditioning, fire protection and compressed air installations in buildings A, B, G and H3 for production, engineering and R&D for the A400M military aircraft factory.

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ISOFOTON / Málaga / Spain

Execution of the high and low voltage, access control, fire detection and CCTV installations at the new Isofotón factory, where the entire solar panel manufacturing process takes place in an area of 28,000 m².

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CITY HISTORY MUSEUM / Barcelona City Hall / Spain

Supply and assembly of two coolers (air/water heat pump) with a cooling power of 110 kW and R410A ecological refrigerant, and renovations to the air conditioning and power supply installations for the coolers, in the Llibreteria building.

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AIRBUS / Illescas / Toledo / Spain

Full execution of the electrical, HVAC and fire protections systems, and security and telecommunications installations at the 57,347 m² A350 facility, for manufacture of the A350 wings at the AIRBUS factory.

Execution of the 132/15 kV substation with GIS technology which, with two 20/25 MVA transformers, powers the entire Illescas factory.

Execution of a project in turnkey mode, of a production cabin to perform swarf removal tasks on pieces for the A380 programme with sizes of 28 x 10m and 6m high.

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M 30 MOTORWAY / Madrid / Spain

Installation of wiring and ducting for the power supply to the ventilation and floodgate system in tunnels on the Calle 30 Ring Road.

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A-70 MOTORWAY / Alicante / Spain

Lighting on the section from the A-70 to the Campello N-338 link, with the installation of 373 poles for street lights and underground and overhead medium and low voltage service connections.

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AENA / Menorca and Almería / Spain

Installation of a Data Processing Centre (DPC) at Almería Airport and two DPCs at Menorca Airport. These large rooms are used to hold numerous computer servers with high environmental and security demands.

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Runway lighting at Bilbao Airport and installation and control of ground lights to assist aircraft. This included the installation of aircraft taxiway centreline lights and the switching of the stopbar lights with the centreline lights beyond the stop bar. In addition, holding point lights were installed in vehicle lanes.

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