What is a cookie?

Cookies are little text files that are sent to a browser and stored in it, in order to record some of the user´s activity on a website. Our cookies or the cookies we use from third parties do not recognise users personally, only the device through which they browse, so, for example, we can count how many visits a website receives. Thanks to cookies you can access safely private areas of the website and your tastes will be recalled temporarily in order to improve your web experience.

What type of cookies do we use?

We use two types of cookies:

Technical cookies: These are mainly used to be enable proper browsing of the website and to access all sections without problems.

Analytical cookies: These allow us to know how users interact with the web and help us understand how they use it, for example, to know how many users have entered the site, to know from what type of device they have entered or to know the average time users are spend on the website.

How to activate or deactivate cookies

Most browsers allow cookies by default, but you can activate or deactivate them according to your preferences. It depends on the browser you use.

ATTENTION! If you deactivate cookies, you will lose a lot of information of interest and it will probably prevent you from correctly viewing and operating the site.

Next, we explain how to deactivate or activate cookies depending on the browser you use:

Internet Explorer: Click on the tool button that is located at the top right and select "Internet options". Click on the privacy tab and from there move the slider to adjust the privacy to your liking.
Firefox: Click on the Firefox Window at the top left and select the privacy panel. In history you must select the option ''Use a custom configuration for the history''. Choose the option 'Accept cookies'' to activate it or leave it undone to not accept them. Firefox also gives you the option to choose the duration of cookies. Click on Accept to keep the changes.
Google Chrome: Click the tool button that is located at the top right, select settings and click on show advanced options. In ''privacy'' click on the content settings button and from there you can configure the reception of cookies to your liking.
Safari: Click on Safari, go to preferences, open the privacy tab and check the option you want in the section "Block cookies".

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