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at the Service of our Clients


Maintenance came up as a solution to extend the useful life of infrastructures and assets, and to continue to offer the services and the best quality of the facilities for a longer period of time.


An organization based solely on conservation, provides individual services and focuses on meeting only requests for fault repairs and unplanned tasks, so the operating costs skyrocket and amortization periods are dilated greatly.

In a more organized structure, with demanding preventive maintenance plans in terms of the availability of the installations, the operating costs are considerably reduced, since there is an increase in the availability and a saving in repair costs not planned.

AUDITEL's commitment to its customers goes beyond the execution of an installation project. For what we offer: Integral maintenance, Specialized Maintenance, Normative Maintenance, Technical-Legal Maintenance, Maintenance and infrastructures Management or Assets Management, offering a total control, cost savings and control and resources optimization.


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